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Chicago, IL

The Next Wave: Where Disruption and Supply Chain Innovation Converge
sponsored by Ryder

November 02, 10:15am - 10:30am
Natalie Putnam

Vice President Marketing
Ryder System, Inc.

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Shifting regulation, talent shortages, unpredictable consumer behavior, political unrest, raw material shortages and changing technology are some of the disruptors that keep CEOs up at night.  But is disruption always bad?

Disruption forces us to change the way we think or behave or even do business, because it makes us look at things in a whole new way, often turning challenges into opportunities  - and business disruption into businesses that disrupt.

Ryder will discuss some of the disruptors that supply chains are facing today – port congestion, changing economics, M&A activity, and consumer demand – and show how innovation is turning the tide for small and large companies alike. 

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