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Chicago, IL

2015 Speakers

Steven Melnyk

Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management

Michigan State University

STEVEN A. MELNYK is Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management (Ph.D. – The Ivey School, University of Western Ontario, 1981) at Michigan State University. He has co-authored 17 books on operations and supply chain management. His research interests include supply chain and design, metrics/system measurement, responsiveness supply chains, supply chain design, sustainability, and strategic supply chain management. Dr. Steven A. Melnyk is an active researcher whose articles have appeared in over 90 international and national refereed journals. Dr. Melnyk sits on the editorial review board for Production and Inventory Management, the Journal of Business Logistics, the Journal of Supply Chain Management, the Journal of Business Logistics, the Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management (where he is co-editor for North America), and the International Journal of Production Research. Dr. Melnyk is known for his ability to bridge the gap between the academic and practitioner worlds. He has spoken extensively nationally and internationally at meetings of such organizations as ISM, APICS, Supply Chain Council (both Europe and North America), SAPICS, InterLog, General Services Administration, National Defense Industry Association, Decisions Sciences Institute, Production and Operations Management Society, Supply Chain Management Association, and North American Research Symposium.  Finally, Dr. Melnyk is a member of the APICS 2015 Board of Directors and a member of the APICS leadership team (2015).

K2: Closing Keynote: Culture Eats Strategy…and How to Deal with It