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Chicago, IL

2015 Speakers

Craig Espevik

Vice President, Operations

Yaskawa America, Inc.

Craig Espevik, Vice President of Operations for Yaskawa America, Inc., oversees all North American supply chain activities, manufacturing and order engineering, local production, distribution, and quality.  Yaskawa America produces and sells variable frequency AC motor drives, servo motors, and industrial motion controllers.  The two local assembly factories (Buffalo Grove, IL & Oak Creek, WI) produce 65% of the product sold in the Americas, with the remainder imported from several global sources. The local factories operate under a lean manufacturing structure with assembly quality levels under 50 ppm.  Implementation of lean and quick ship has been critical in changing the distribution model of products from stocking strategies to just in time drop shipments.  The state of the art distribution center also in Buffalo Grove, IL ships 70% of orders received within 24 hours. The execution of this strategy has allowed Yaskawa America to exceed its planned growth objectives for the past 4 out of 5 years and to expand local manufacturing activities over foreign outsourcing.   Craig has over 30 years of manufacturing and supply chain leadership.  Craig is a member of the Loyola’s Supply and Value Chain Center Advisory Council.

D1: Roundtable Discussion: Key Initiatives Leaders are Taking to Respond to Changing Supply Chain Dynamics