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Chicago, IL

Supply Chain Sustainability: Future Challenges and Opportunities

November 03, 10:45am - 11:45pm
John Bell

DSI Forums Distinguished Scholar & Associate Professor of Supply Chain Mgt.
University of Tennessee

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The world continues to change due to social, economic, and environmental forces such as population growth, urbanization, emerging economies, and climate change. At the same time, global business is embracing the concept of sustainable supply chain management, which seeks to balance and optimize economic, social and environmental performance within the firm.  

Achieving such performance is challenged by problems in supply chains such as water scarcity, transportation congestion, aging work forces, and unethical labor practices.  Rather than trying to avoid or ignore these challenges, managers should learn from some of the best sustainable supply chain practices being implemented today. In doing so, supply chain managers can find opportunity and competitive advantage by transforming their firm’s capabilities and resources to create supply chains that are ready for 2020 and beyond. This session will explore the most current supply chain threats created by global trends, discuss approaches to mitigate these problems, and explore how a firm can change internally in order to be more sustainable and ready for an uncertain future. 

Attendees of this session will learn:

  • how to identify current trends impacting global business and the supply chains of the future;
  • how to discuss supply chain sustainability goals and the challenges created by these new global trends; 
  • risk mitigation approaches to ensure sustainable competitive advantage in the face of such change; and
  • how to motivate supply chain managers to seek and exploit sustainable supply chain opportunities.

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