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Chicago, IL

Closing Keynote: Culture Eats Strategy…and How to Deal with It

November 03, 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Steven Melnyk

Professor of Operations & Supply Chain Management
Michigan State University

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Too often, best-laid plans are nullified by company culture, a force that supply chain managers did not anticipate or fully understand. While culture is often cast as a source of inertia and un-thinking rejection of change, it plays an essential role and can, if properly understood and managed, be the manager’s friend.  This presentation explores cultures, its importance, and how it can be harnessed to support rather than frustrate strategy.

Attendees of this session will learn:

  • what is culture, why is it a potentially valuable asset to the firm and the supply chain, and how is it similar to strategy?
  • when do culture and strategy clash and why?
  • what are the two types of cultural archtypes that exist?
  • what options are available to managers when facing cultural conflict?

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