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Chicago, IL

Opening Keynote: The Economic Forecast for 2016-2017. Are you Prepared for the Upturn?

November 02, 10:30am - 11:30am
Brian Beaulieu

ITR Economics

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The business outlook for the next two years looks strong. Are you ready for the upturn? 

The economy is experiencing some weakness. Yet despite softness in the business-to-business market, as well as global markets like Europe and China, the U.S. consumer is spending a lot of money and employment is growing with more gains on the horizon.  The world’s economy would be in a lot more trouble right now if it wasn’t for the ongoing capability and desire of the US consumer to spend money.

Those are just some of the reasons ITR Economics is forecasting an improvement in the business cycle in 2016. That cyclical rise will create stresses within your business – and some part of your supply chain - unless you, your vendors, or your customers are prepared for the upturn.  Now is the time to ask yourself if you have enough people (a resource that will be in an ongoing short-supply situation), capital, and equipment. 

Attendees of this session will learn:

  • what leading indicators to keep an eye on
  • what parts of the economy will outperform over the next two years
  • why the US economy will likely be in a general rising trend until late 2018 or into 2019

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