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Chicago, IL

Learn the Future of Supply Chain in Under 2 Days

Supply Chain Outlook is an exclusive Summit providing Supply Chain Executives with the insight and strategies to lead their company through the most critical technology, financial, cultural and economic challenges impacting the future of the global Supply Chain.  

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Join 150 of the most influential Supply Chain Managers representing a variety of supply chain industry segments and learn:

  1. What parts of the economy will outperform over the next 2 years
  2. Why this is the “golden age” of procurement
  3. Why reshoring is important now and the effect on global supply chains
  4. What technologies such as predictive analytics, wearable technologies, and 3D printing will transform supply chains over the next few years
  5. How freight rates are expected to move over the next 12 months
  6. What supply chain sustainability goals and challenges are created by new global trends
  7. Six major factors identified by MIT Supply Chain 2020 Project that will have significant and "certain" impacts on future supply chains
  8. Research presented by SCMR and APICS SCC on the evolving role of the Supply Chain Manager
  9. How supply chain leaders are preparing their organizations for the future. 
  10. How culture can be harnessed to support rather than frustrate strategy
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